Camp Out Poconos

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in order to visit or stay at Camp Out Mt. Nebo, you must become a member. To become a member, you must be 21 years of age or older with a valid photo ID, agree to our terms and conditions and pay the annual fee for membership.  See our Membership page for more details.

Camp Out day passes are available.  A day pass and its corresponding daily wristband grants you access to events, activities, and entertainment available during that day until the close of that day’s events.  Overnight stays are not permitted with a day pass.

Each campsite reservation allows one vehicle to be parked at the campsite for which the reservation was made. Additional overnight vehicles and those belonging to day visitors must be parked in our guest parking lot.

No. Camp Out Mt. Nebo cannot accommodate guests who wish to sleep in their car.

While a limited number of our cabins do have a small grill in the yard, we overall do not offer a grill for campsites. Overnight guests are permitted to safely build a contained campfire at their campsite over which they may heat their food.  Guests may bring a reasonably sized grill with them to use during their stay.

If you cancel your reservation 31 days or more before the start date, you will be eligible for a complete refund. For cancellations made between 15 and 30 days before the start date, a refund of 50% will be granted. However, if you cancel 14 days or less prior to the start date, no refund will be provided. In the event that the camp is compelled to shut down due to a state of emergency caused by adverse weather conditions, you will receive a credit for your booking. This credit can be utilized for a future date of your choice.

Yes.  Campers are always encouraged to bring their four-legged companions (dogs & domesticated animals). 

To assure the safety of all guests, proof of up-to-date vaccinations must be presented and will be kept on file at the time of check-in.  The status of a working service animal must be verified previous to or at the time of check-in.  Pets (other than service animals) are not permitted to be kept inside rental lodgings. Working service animals excluded, no animals are allowed in public facilities including but not limited to the pool area, the den, the mess hall/rec center, the pavilion, the camp store and restroom or laundry facilities.  The owner of the animal is responsible for all of the animal’s actions and liabilities including excessive noise, waste cleanup, and/or possible violent outbursts.  Pets must be accompanied by their owner and kept on a leash. In our future dog park, dogs may be unleashed but still must be supervised.  More information on animal penalties and FHA conduct can be found by following the links below. 

Penalties for Using a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal Under False Pretenses | Nolo Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals | ADA National Network (

Camp Out Mt.Nebo is solely a BYOB facility and strictly does not sell any alcohol.  Guests are permitted to bring their own drinks of choice. Glass containers, bottles, or other materials that may prove hazardous when broken are prohibited anywhere near the pool and jacuzzi patio area.  All campers must be verified to be 21+ and any consumption of alcoholic beverages is done so at each person’s own risk and liability.  Excessive intoxication that may disrupt public peace is strictly prohibited, and guests may be banned and subject to legal action if found to be in violation of this policy.

Alcohol in Pennsylvania is sold at state-owned Wine & Spirits shops, beer distributors and select supermarkets. There are numerous local retailers that are available to purchase alcohol nearby.

At this time, the pool and its surrounding area alone is clothing optional. 

We ask that all of our guests utilize common courtesy within nudist etiquette when using this area (i.e. provide your own towel when sitting, refrain from harassment, and be courteous at all times). 

All campers are welcomed regardless of their choice of dress or undress. You will find many campers who choose to stay clothed. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate life and enjoy the camping experience together.  Wherever your personal choices may lead you, you’ll be welcomed and accepted.

Without question, you are always welcome to spend any or all of your summer with us.  At Camp Out Mt. Nebo, we embrace the idea of camping out in the open—both in a literal sense and in a cultural sense. We invite you to always be open and authentic.  Who you are deserves to be celebrated and valued.  Those who compromise the safety, well-being, and inclusivity of Camp Out Mt. Nebo and our community are the only ones unwelcome.